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      Analysis of lighting design of residential residence

      Click: Time:2018-04-08 21:44:27

      The original purpose of the light is to illuminate, but with the change of the times, the light has become an important decoration. Through the design of light, the outline of the building can be outlined. In addition, in the design of the house, the warm feeling of the house can be felt in the light of light.

      Lighting design really good fusion with the construction phase, and the glow of their own glory. When we are in the embryonic stage of design, we need to intervene in the design of light. Light is fully integrated into the B & B building space, light became an architectural language, not only the metaphysical elements. Lighting design is the creation of light, and vice versa.

      Light is the courtyard of the space protagonist

      When we are planning a courtyard, we usually pay more attention to space layout and landscape effect, often neglect the night lighting design. However, a reasonable and artistic lighting layout can bring a warm and romantic atmosphere for the yard in the night, more infectious than the day yard. Power, more home feeling.

      The lights are enough to infect the guest hall

      The hall will often be a multifunctional hall, which not only meets all kinds of functional needs, but also reflects the theme of this homestay. The functions of the hall are reception, reception, dining, chatting, etc. It's the most intensive place for a person to flow. It's also a place for every guest to go through. The hall's lighting should be adequate, lighting design should be bright and gentle, so that guests will be infected by warm smell and cultural taste. If there is light music, it will be more gentle and quiet.

      Just use the light bedroom where you need it

      The bedroom is the main place for guests to rest. The bedroom layout is good or bad, which directly affects the guests' rest and play mood. Light use B & B space, in principle can be used to add a light not second. In many spaces, by lighting design, a lamp is enough to meet the needs of vision and sensibility. It reminds people of the spotlight in the theater, and the audience follows them to a certain place, and at the same time, mobilizes all sensory experience. This light is dramatic, and also one of the functions of light -- stage lighting. Light, the only light, occurs only where it is needed.

      Lighting needs proper and reasonable bathroom

      The bathroom is a good place to soothe the body and mind, and the light is like the soul of the bathroom. A warm light can make the bathroom change a sense of mood and let you have a different bathing mood. Lighting design affects people's emotions, different colors and different shades have different effects on people's emotions; different forms of lighting also affect the image and color of space. Proper and reasonable lighting can meet people's vision and physiological requirements.


      Warm details step

      It is applied to all kinds of lodging courtyards. Both the steps of the door of the door and the steps to deal with the height of the slope need to be endowed with the beauty of nature and nature. Step lamps are also common lamps and lanterns in the house. There are many forms and methods of layout. The lighting design can inlay the stage lamp on the side wall, and can also be inlaid on the side of the step. It also illuminates the steps and facilitates the walking. It also embellish the warmth of the house.

      Light, explicit and implicit pension

      The use of home lighting design, can be simply understood as the dominant and recessive two. The dominant lighting source is mainly lighting, while the design and utilization of recessive light source has more variability.


      Hidden source make the object light, as if they are light. Nighttime lighting design can outline the shape and level of buildings or forests, giving them vitality and sense of movement. This technique improves the expressive power of light, avoids direct eye damage to eyes, and is beautiful but not abrupt.

      The light of the house. The feeling of the master.
      The choice of light in the home most reflects the owner's feelings. The choice of floor and wall materials is also important for practicality and effectiveness, as light reflected from different textures and colors can vary in depth, such as metal, concrete or waterproof plastic, which can damage lighting design due to weather.


      Light Advice and Reference for Residential Accommodation
      Combine all kinds of room function demand, light design bright and dark color collocation and so on condition, carry on elaborate design arrangement. In the process of using the light, I have put together a few suggestions for your reference only:

      1. Many people use the shooting lights blindly. Spotlights were originally used for lighting purposes, with emphasis on display, but now they are used for general lighting. The ceiling lights on the ceiling make the ceiling too eye-catching, and the lighting effect on other objects is relatively weakened. Therefore, the lighting design should be avoided as far as possible.


      2, many people use energy saving lamps to save electricity, ignoring the role of lighting design in creating family atmosphere. Energy saving lamp is actually a kind of fluorescent lamp. Although it saves electricity, it also has the shortcoming of fluorescent lamp, that is, the lamp is too cold and white. Therefore, from the point of view to create a warm atmosphere, and excessive use of energy-saving lamps is obviously unreasonable.


      3, a variety of shapes chandelier. In the lighting design, the use of all kinds of chandeliers blindly, not only can not reflect the unity of style, let the people feel dazzling, in the relatively small level not enough height (below three meters below) the space use of chandeliers, but will give a sense of pressure.



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