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      Lift up! Teach you how to distinguish and choose light bulbs

      Click: Time:2018-04-08 21:50:06

      In the decoration of the family, we are often confused when the lamp is installed. Today, I share with you the effect and the choice of the lamp in the home, hoping to bring help to the relatives who are about to decorate.

      First of all, we look at the difference between the tube lights. Many people are not easy to distinguish between the tube lights and the shooting lights. In the home decoration, the tube lights and the shooting lamps have different uses. In a simple way, the tube lamp is a kind of light fixtures which are more luminous than the ordinary light fixtures. Generally, it is used for ordinary or auxiliary lighting. Spotlight is a highly concentrated lamp. Its illumination can specify specific targets. It is mainly used for family decoration lighting, such as a place that emphasizes a good taste or something new (like a living room mural, a sofa, a swing, a TV background wall, and so on). We distinguish the characteristics of the two lights from location and price comparison.

      1. Characteristics of shooting lamp

      Lamp can be arranged on the ceiling or furniture around the upper part, can also be arranged in the wall, or dado skirting line in. In order to highlight the subjective aesthetic function, the light beam is directly illuminated on the household utensils which need to be emphasized, so as to achieve the artistic effect of emphasis, unique environment, rich level, rich atmosphere and colorful and colorful. Lamp light and soft, elegant, can be a leading role in the overall lighting, and local lighting, atmosphere. The following figure is the effect of a lamp with a light belt. The lamp belt is the 5050 type with better brightness, and the spotlight is 7.5 centimeters open 3W.

      2. Purchase choice

      In modern family decoration, led as a new lighting source occupies the dominant position. Led radio lamp has the advantages of energy saving, environmental protection, long life, convenient installation, beautiful and generous and so on. Spotlight is a new lighting fixture. There is no industry standard at present, resulting in uneven quality of LED. It has brought a lot of trouble to the home dress users. How should the LED light be chosen? Today the little editor breaks down. The spotlight is composed of a driver, a radiator, a lamp body, a light source and accessories.

      Select the light to give the following suggestions:

      , there are various kinds of driving lights. It is recommended that IC double capacitor drive. This driving life will be longer. Be careful when you choose to buy. LED lamp is usually color for silver and white two kinds of light body color, like clean and tidy users can use white light body, light source warm white (Qian Huangguang) and white two kinds of light color. Home to warm decoration can be used warm white, bright home love can use white color.

      2. in the choice of LED light to choose regular manufacturers of regular brand, see whether the brand has anti-counterfeit code, whether there is the National Engineering Department recommended qualification, whether there is a famous Chinese qualification, qualified regular manufacturers have strong after-sales guarantee, the quality can also get a good guarantee.

      3., if online shopping, do not rush to place the order, first look at the evaluation of the purchased customers.

      4.led lamp home price is between 7.5-16 yuan, cob price is slightly higher (COB is a new LED light source, it is led integrated on a chip, the effect will be stronger), this price is more reasonable, if less than 7.5 yuan may be used in the material can not meet the normal home, there is a safety quality hidden danger, it is suggested not. Use。

      Choose the decoration lamp:

      The same old style with downlight led downlight, old-fashioned lamp is composed of lamp body with light source, has basically been eliminated. At present, led downlight dominated decoration.

      LED lamp is generally installed in the ceiling, the ceiling in general need more than 50mm can be loaded. Of course there are external type lamp. In the absence of lamps or chandelier installation downlight is a good choice, to be soft light lamp.

      Below is the lamp reference map, you can enjoy.



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