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      How to install the light, how to choose the light?

      Click: Time:2018-04-08 22:02:02

      The tube lamp is a kind of lighting lamp embedded in the ceiling under the light, the tube lamp has many kinds, its characteristic is can maintain the building decoration whole Unity, does not destroy the ceiling art unity because of the lamp setting. So it is loved by many owners, then, how to install the light, how to choose the light?

      How do I install the light?
      1, to open holes, according to the tube lamp size, installation position on the ceiling underlined holes.
      2, wiring, the chandelier in the reserved power cord and tube light connected.
      3, adjust the butterfly nut to adjust the height of the lamp fixing reed, the reed and the thickness of the same chandelier.
      4. Complete, push the tube lamp into the ceiling hole, if need to install light bulb, install the appropriate size light bulb.

      How to choose a tube lamp
      1, the material of the panel: General have several kinds: tin, die-cast aluminum, aluminum, stainless steel. Iron household is used as little as possible, mostly for industrial use, home is recommended to use die-cast aluminum, aluminum or stainless steel.
      2, lamp head safety: tube lamp head is an important link, the main material of lamp head is ceramic. The Reed inside is the most important, have copper piece and aluminum piece two kinds, choose the aluminum piece, the power cord of lamp head, want to choose to adopt the third line wiring lamp head.

      3, luminaire's reflectance: Reflectant cup general sand cup and light cup two kinds, material is aluminum material, aluminum material does not change color, and reflectance better. Some small manufacturers will use plastic spray to do it, the new process looks good, but over time will become dark, even black. The identification method is to look at the integrity of the cutting place, aluminum cut very neat, spray plastic is the opposite.
      4,Directions: If the top space is large enough to buy vertical, if the top space is small, not enough distance, you can consider the crossover type, price gap is not large, crossover price is a little more expensive than vertical.

      5, tube lamp size: the general home to 2 inches, 2.5 inches, 3 inches, aisle can be installed slightly larger tube lamp. General use 4 inch -- 8 inch these specifications.
      6,Panel support: Another is the thickness of the panel is important, which determines the price of a tube lamp. The importance of the bracket to want to be inferior, generally is the black lacquer bracket, this main look at the thickness, with a little pressure to squeeze, will not appear very serious deformation.



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